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Leading the Way in Affordable Housing

Florida Home Partnership (FHP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) and a certified Community Development Corporation (CDC). An equal housing opportunity provider and employer, FHP was founded in 1993 under the name Homes for Hillsborough, Inc., the late Dorothy Duke (October 6, 1924- April 4, 2000), our founder, championed the effort to bring the USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing Program to Hillsborough County in an effort to provide affordable housing for primarily for migrant farm working families.

Determination and Hard Work Build Equity

The Self-help homeownership concept began. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been funding mutual self-help housing since the early 1960s. The program mirrors the “barn raisings” of the Quakers, with neighbors helping neighbors to build their homes together. No construction experience is necessary as Florida Home Partnership provides the guidance and the tools. Determination and hard work build equity in the new home. This program is ideal for those desiring homeownership but having limited resources.


By 1998 the first eight homes were completed in the Homes for Ruskin community (now called Las Villas) and As Homes for Hillsborough achieved success in delivering the self-help homeownership program, leaders from surrounding counties requested the organization’s services in their areas. Thus to reflect the expanding Hillsborough was asked to offer its services in other counties surrounding Hillsborough County. To reflect the expanding geographical scope of its services, Homes for Hillsborough changed its name to Florida Home Partnership, Inc. on July 1, 2005.

Now serving low and moderate income-families from all walks of life and heads of households in various professions, the program has expanded in several ways to achieve its mission to provide affordable housing.

Expanding Our Mission

The agency has experienced positive growth in the number of families it has successfully helped become home owners.  The agency has also diversified its affordable housing options to include townhomes, spec homes, rentals and housing rehabilitation services.

Taking our motto, “Leading the Way in Affordable Housing,” we look forward to exploring and implementing construction standards, like Net 0 Energy that will advance affordability for our clients in the years to come.  Stay tuned for more about this.