Spec Homes

Safe. Strong. Affordable.

The majority of our clients go through our most popular homeownership program, which is the USDA SELF-Help program. But, every once in a while, we have an opportunity to do a special project, where we can build homes “on spec.”

What are “Spec Homes"?

“Spec” or “speculative” homes are move-in-ready homes that Florida Home Partnership builds independently, outside of the USDA SELF-Help program. These homes are typically built with grant funding for a special purpose.

In 2020, FHP built a small group of net-zero energy homes with dedicated funding from Hillsborough County and Wells Fargo.

How Does it Work?

Florida Home Partnership has built a limited number of net-zero energy homes with funding from Wells Fargo and Hillsborough County. The seven homes are designed to improve quality of life and lower electric and home insurance bills.

Future Spec Home Opportunities

Florida Home Partnership is committed to embracing innovative materials and sustainable design methods. New technologies allow Florida Home Partnership to build homes that are safer, more affordable, and that have lower lifetime maintenance costs.

We have a small group of homes that were built as a part of our special, net-zero homes program, and we are proud to report that our homeowners are reporting near-zero electric bills for these homes.

Net Zero Homes Features

Our Net Zero Homes use new technology to make your home, clean, smart, and safe.

  1. ICF Construction  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) look like foam lego-blocks that are filled with rebar and concrete to make them super strong and energy efficient.   
    • ICFs can be engineered to withstand winds of 250 mph.  
    • The famous home that survived Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach was made with ICF.  
  2. Metal Roofs  Metal roofs last longer, and are better for the environment.  
    • 100% recyclable 
    • Warranted for XXX years vs. asphalt roofs which only last XX years.  
  3. Spray-foam Insulation Enhances the energy efficiency of the home.  
    • Keeps the attic cooler to help your AC run better.  
  4. Solar Panels
    • Solar Photovoltaic panels provide most of the electricity you need throughout the year.   

Heat Pump Water Heaters are extremely efficient and work well with solar power. 

Do I Qualify?

Homeowner Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a first-time homebuyer
  • Must be at or below 80% of the area median income
  • Down payment assistance available for qualified buyers

The Future Is Here!

Imagine paying less than $25.00 a month on your electric bill! It’s possible, with Net-Zero Energy Homes